Features of Torch Browser

The torch web browser is based on the chromium source code and is therefore a clone of google chrome. The basic functionality and the optics therefore correspond to the google counterpart and allow a smooth transition between the two programs. Tab oriented approach to working with multiple windows or anonymous surfing in incognito mode is possible as well as access to extensions from the chrome web store. With your google account, you can also torch log in and the browser settings such as bookmarks store online and from any computer with a torch.

Interesting on the torch web browser is less the chrome functionality, but the range of additional features. So just a click away, and you can download such as video clips from youtube on your computer. Practical: the sound track can be supplied separately dropping. So the download as quickly as possible happens, the browser about a download accelerator. This divides files of up to seven parallel streams, thus the performance is increased. Additionally, there is a torrent module is integrated with the torrent files directly from the browser on your computer to load and manage. An additional download manager is not required.

Websites that you visit, you can drag drop directly to your account with facebook, linkedin, google or twitter. Just as easy to make searches in the internet: selected text, drag in a search bar for wikipedia, google, facebook, and image search. Or you can terms of google search translate. The search function expand easily to your own entries. A separate icon to go to the music portal torch music, your favorite songs, artists or albums to search, and the music there played directly. You can even create individual playlists is possible. Torch music picks up on the videobestand of youtube back.

Screenshot torch browser

You can free download Torch Browser latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Torch Media Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • laptop, pc, computer, notebook