Features of Thunderbird

In addition to the surfing with the web browser includes the sending and receiving of e mails to the normal activities on the internet. Many vendors have a webfrontend, so your users your e mails. Helpful is also an e mail client such as thunderbird, to archive your own e mails on the home computers allowed.

The e mail features of thunderbird the open source software thunderbird from mozilla brings all the features with which to edit e mails are required. These include functions such as reply, reply all, forward, and add attachments. A search function helps e mails in the mailflut find and an address book manages the contacts. Archive the e mails by clicking on the button archive, where the e mails in year folders in the folder archive land.

Thunderbird opens e mails typically in the bottom pane. In the event that you have an e mail more often need by double clicking it in a private tab open, and it is so quickly without a large search distance.

Before thunderbird can use, you need to first the e mail accounts to be set up. This helps the free e mail client with a wizard that automatically settings makes, if he has the e mail address belonging to the provider knows. This will save the searching after the appropriate servers for each e mail protocols to send and receive e mails.

Thunderbird downloads emails via pop3 from the server of the email provider to download and send them via smtp. Also imap is the freeware masters, but only can be used if the provider supports this protocol. Compared to pop3, the e mails in imap, not simply by the e mail program is downloaded. Because with imap, see changes not only locally in thunderbird, but also on the e mail server. This has the advantage that when switching to a different program or webfrontend of the current status of reserves.

Thunderbird is extensible, and encrypted e mails thunderbird brings many functions and can even subscribe to rss feeds. But if that's not enough, can take a look at the add ons throw, which allow thunderbird to expand. With the extensions, for example, dictionaries for german and english available.

Important extensions include the add on enigmail, that encrypt e mails, so that no third party can access them. With enigmail encrypted e mails are not only during transport on the internet is encrypted, but also encrypted on the server of the e mail provider, which increases the security and the unwanted access more difficult.

Thunderbird protects against spam and phishing also thunderbird, the spam can not prevent. However, the e mail client with a spam filter, over time it learns what is undesirable. These e mails sorted automatically in the spam folder. Is it a spam mail in the inbox, so you only need to junk option, which brings you in the spam folder of lands, and the spam filter is trained. The spam filter checks the e mails according to the criteria, the phishing emails are typical, and therefore provides for more safety. Nevertheless, you should always think and not safe to links in e mails by clicking on then on this open web page, confidential data.

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