Features of Kindle

The kindle from amazon, the energy saving reader can be used for dozens of books, is a bestseller. But what to do if you have none of these devices calls his own? With the program kindle for pc it is now possible to download books directly from your own pc to read.

Kindle for pc allows, just as its hardware model, reading books in an electronic variant. The program offers additional features that a book can't offer. First of all, the search to mention. For any term or a phrase can be searched. Then it is possible, directly in the kindle store of amazon to browse and books to buy. Anyone who books in the german amazon website acquires, receives at the same time, the possibility of, after verbs in the duden dictionary to search.

If a book is not sure yet, has largely the possibility of a sample chapter is available to read. By sync can currently selected pages between a variety of devices to be replaced and seamlessly carried on reading. Through the integrated service shelfari additional information for book lovers is to be displayed, which in the original books and not been integrated.

The program is especially due to its flexibility and synchronization options for different devices a good alternative to the kindle device. But even those who have a kindle, you can use the software changes to the device. The reading is with this program in a simple way.

The software kindle for pc needs at least a 500 mhz processor, 128 mb of ram, a resolution of 800x600 and windows xp or higher. In addition, the hard disk 100 mb of free disk space.

Screenshot kindle

You can free download Kindle latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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