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Internet tv on computer is with onlinetv quite simply. With the free tool simply select the desired channel using a channel list, and you're good to go. Are available in addition to programs from austria, england, italy, france, switzerland, turkey and the usa, the public service providers in germany. In addition to ard, zdf, kika, the third programmes, arte and 3sat can also be done on the dmax, tele 5, n24, eurosport, viva or sport1 track.

With onlinetv look to be just as fast in the media libraries of ard, zdf, wdr, dw, arte co for interesting programs. Over a free extension, available on the website of the manufacturer is available, also a number of private stations like pro7, sat1, or rtl to integrate. Practical: the function what's playing where you see what is current or on the next day on the transmitters to see.

Download: onlinetv extension for more tv channels download onlinetv is not limited to classic tv channels, but also offers live streams from all over the world, for example from australia, bulgaria and cyprus. The small tool also has a heart for music fans. Through the music videos enjoy clips of many of the artists. The best: onlinetv draws tv shows, streams, and music videos upon request, and places the clips in wmv format, or the audio track as mp3. The films not only can you save to disk, but also on google drive, amazon cloud, or in the onedrive cloud microsoft.

In addition to hundreds of private and public radio stations from germany is waiting for onlinetv with a wide range of international radio stations around the globe. Rounding out onlinetv with the access to webcams from antarctica to norway, as well as through the integration of websites of the international daily and trade press. If the banner nerves or the watermark in the images disturb the paid version of onlinetv, with the movies in full screen mode to watch.

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