Features of HTC Sync Manager

The htc sync manager places basically, the functions of the already known htc sync for newer models of the mobile phone manufacturer. This includes, for example, the data synchronization between smartphone and computer with a, but in comparison to its predecessor a few steps further. Downloads how to synchronize mobile devices there are today, for almost every manufacturer. For users of recent htc smartphones is the download of htc sync manager on the right and almost a must.

The tool is not only a reliable synchronization talent, it also combines all the manager tasks and has on top of that all the necessary driver for example, to detect the devices including. Using manager, users can easily your media between your home computer and mobile htc device back and forth. The synchronization and a built in backup module, access the multimedia files as well as contact details, calendar entries, or browser bookmarks. Also documents brings the manager in front of annoying how sometimes fatal loss in security.

With the sync pro, you can set up automatic synchronization, which is performed only once. Thereafter, a connection between the pc and htc device, starts the process automatically. In this way, without any effort regular backup. Fun photos from the last birthday or the latest contacts and movies are always safe.

Fortunately the software with all devices compatible. So who wants to know, whether it be htc of the manager is supported, look at the picture below. Here are all of the models listed, with which the sync pro easily works.

Screenshot htc sync manager

You can free download HTC Sync Manager latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:HTC Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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