Features of Flightradar24

On a google world map shows flightradar24 positions of aircraft to various airlines in real time. The tracker web service but can only aircraft to capture, via an ads b transponder – which ensures a coverage of about 60 per cent of total air traffic.

Every single flight is at flightradar24 on a google maps map was recorded every few seconds. By clicking on one of the aircraft symbols, displays the web service in a sidebar, extensive information about the selected flight, including such as start and destination airport, course, aircraft type, flight number, departure time, estimated flight time and arrival time, altitude, speed, and longitude and latitude. Also update this information every few seconds.

To get the transponder code, infos about the used radar, and more. Nice additional feature: if you have the browser plug in of google earth installed, you can also a 3d view from the virtual cockpit of the Via the gear button in the settings dialog, in which various changes to the map and function of flightradar24. So, lets here about the layout of the card – such as terrain, satellite imagery, street maps, and hybrids from these units or units of measure for the different readings to choose. Also adjust you can, which aircraft should be displayed only in the air? Also on the ground? Also ultra light aircraft, helicopters and gliders? You can also set filters, so that only those aircraft, to or from a particular airport are on the road – you know the flight number of flights, you can here simply looking and so as rest of the turmoil on the map to hide. Some of the settings – especially in relation to the layers referred to maps add – ons, however, are Flightradar24 collects all airline connections for the last 30 days.

Available however, these are unfortunately only for premium subscribers. Users of the free version may be one of the flights of the last seven days view and in different views. So you can only about the last flights of certain airlines to view, or the historical air traffic to a single airport around.

To flightradar24 with a desktop computer to use, you need a web browser such as firefox, google chrome, safari, or internet explorer – alternatively, however, there are also apps for windows 10 and mac. For there are also mobile apps for ios, android and windows phone devices for download in the respective stores.

Screenshot flightradar24

You can free download Flightradar24 latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Google Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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