Features of Fitbit

The fitbit windows 10 app is the tracking king under the fitness tools. With the universal app can be nearly all physical activity to monitor and evaluate. Ranging from the number of daily steps over ate food and drunk drinks to your own sleep patterns makes the tool transparent, what users the whole day with your body to do.

Tracking apps are considered motivation engines, in order to move more, to eat healthier or to a regular daily rhythm to follow. Fitbit for windows 10 is a universal app, the data from several devices synchronized and with an extensive portfolio of functions.

All daily activities can be via smartphone and recorded with the fitbit windows 10 app, easily be evaluated. In addition to the acquisition, you can also determine how many calories burned and how many were taken. Keep you goal always in view. The app provides tracking of the following areas:

  • Number of steps
  • The travelled distance via gps
  • The meal
  • Recorded amount of calories
  • Fluid intake
  • Weight

All the collected data are then displayed in clear graphics. The successes are so visible and measurable – a further incentive to achieve his goals record.

Screenshot fitbit

You can free download Fitbit latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • notebook, computer, laptop, pc