Features of Ekiga

With ekiga, it can be conveniently through the voice over ip(voip) technology for free internet phone calls. Ekiga also supports webcams, so while you're phoning his interlocutor can see.

With this freeware, it free internet phone calls, while at the same time, the other person via webcam. Moreover, you can use the program in the alternative operating system gnome integrate. Also, it is through the hold function, between two conversations at the same time to switch. You can also see a list of personal contacts create. These are then used as online or offline and can also be grouped into clusters. In addition, the program offers information about the current call quality.

This software is easy to operate and therefore also suitable for beginners. Clear, understandable shortcuts help to find the way. After a short training period mastered the program easily. The talks are free of charge, only costs for the internet connection. The application can be used optimally, if you eg. To call abroad, because there is no connection charges incurred and you save costs.

Also, it is through the webcam function possible for his interlocutor to see what the call a more personal character. The only disadvantage is that both parties must have this software, you can eg. Not skype or other software phone. The software can be used both on windows as well as linux machines are operated. Absolutely, you need an internet connection, as well as a microphone and speaker. A webcam is not necessary, but the program supports.

Screenshot ekiga

You can free download Ekiga latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, laptop, notebook, pc