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They are small, fit on all the tv and make even the old flat tv in the twinkling of an eye smart streaming sticks are fully in the trend. The small, lighter sized dongles come in the hdmi socket and get via internet to watch movies and series from netflix and amazon instant video, apps and games on the screen. Trigger the euphoria was in the year 2013 and the google stick, chromecast, shopping giant amazon has followed in 2014 with the equally successful fire tv stick. Just in time for christmas, the two competitors revised versions of their drives on the market, but who offers for the price of just 40 euro more?

Computer picture has the two devices tested, and reveals which dongle is best streams.new when chromecast 2: under the puck shaped dongle there are several antennas in the ac standard on frequencies of 2.4 and 5 gigahertz radio. By a according to google, unique algorithm should also be able to automatically the best signal to choose. The fast ac standard know amazon's small stick does not. A separate graphics chip, both have sticks, not built on is a more demanding 3d games run so not. An ethernet or audio port, there are also not, the hardware of both keys is reduced to a minimum.

The number of apps that google chromecast support is in the last few years has greatly increased. Library, music services such as spotify and deezer, to media servers like plex is a huge selection. Anyone who has a smartphone has, the one mirroring the screen via chromecast allows even gets apps without stick support on the tv. The fire tv stick, save the app on the other hand local on the 8 gigabyte memory. The selection in amazon's app store, however, is not large, an official youtube app for about missing. After all: music fans get spotify connect, also plex is. You can also access content from the amazon cloud or the amazon music player easily.

Easily series and movies to stream it works with both sticks just fine. There are differences, however, in the scope of: the app selection for chromecast is greater, in addition, it supports the fast standard wi fi ac. Who is his tv versatile smart wants to do, do with google's stick is nothing wrong. The fire tv stick is worth in a direct comparison only if you frequently use amazon services like instant video, the amazon cloud and the amazon music player use, or no smartphone, because that is chromecast to control duty. The fire tv stick, on the other hand, with its own remote control.

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