Features of Bitstrips

With the bitstrips app, users can very personal comics featuring themselves and their friends, create. With the pictures you share on facebook, his mood, or surprise friends with individual greetings.

The android application gives users access to a virtual world in which you as a comic figure in the scene. Before you individual cartoons can put together, you first need an avatar to be created.

Bitstrips requires a personal registration, the easiest way is via facebook. After that you can with the creation of his two egos to start. First, if you decide to man or woman and then brings the face into the correct shape. The provider offers a wide selection of details, the maximum approximation to the human template. In particular, the subtle attributes such as the size of the pupil or the shape of the eyebrows to ensure a high level of recognition under well known.

Also physique, and proportional size, with lots of attention to detail designed and can be customized. Who is his avatar in the facebook app to put together, even has the possibility of clothing and accessories of your own style to match.

One has to be parable in the bitstrips app is compiled, it can set the scene. The application offers a wide range of situations, as the background images will be delivered. The comics are in the categories, moods, situations, and announcements divided and the app loads the avatar will automatically be in preset positions.

Adjustable perspectives, facial expressions, body positions, and speech or thought bubbles offer lots of scope for individual designs. With these tools, the importance of the given situations to be changed and a completely new comic strip to be created.

Who the login for bitstrips the facebook account that has the possibilities of many comics for and with friends to make. For this, the application offers a lot of scenes with two people. Each user can decide for himself which of the two roles he would like to assume. Can also be facial expressions were varied and speech bubbles to be inserted.

Screenshot bitstrips

You can free download Bitstrips latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Bitstrips Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • laptop, computer, pc, notebook