Features of BitComet

Bitcomet is a file sharing software to exchange data is used. The bittorrent client offers a search function by means of the p2p network according to the desired files to sift through. The download will then from multiple sources at the same time, so the data is faster available. On request, the download is scheduled to start. About the options if necessary, set the bandwidth for uploads and downloads manually.

A swap meet and the appropriate software to use is not generally prohibited. Everyone can so without much effort, your own photos, movies or music to many users distribute. But the fact is: most of the files are illegal copies. Because copyright law forbids it, music, movies and software to distribute whether on the schoolyard or on the internet. Even those who have movies or music from dubious sources from the internet downloads, is punishable by law.

Screenshot bitcomet

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License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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