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Adblock plus for all browsers: advertisers are adblocker is a thorn in the eye, because you prevent your ads are displayed. For users it looks, however, different. You don't want annoying ads and install thus, tools, such as the by wladimir palant developed ad blocker adblock plus, google chrome, firefox or another browser.

Adblock plus from eyeo is blocked in the current version, banner advertising, pop ups, advertising videos and promotional intros before videos on your desktop pc, smartphone, and tablet. In addition, the tracking of google, facebook and twitter blocked by the like button and other social media buttons are hidden. However, adblock plus unobtrusive advertising, which is reflected in the configuration can be changed. Unobtrusive advertising is adblock plus does not automatically blocked, because advertisers are encouraged to be better advertising to create. The rules for acceptable advertising on the adblock plus web page can be viewed


The ad blocker adblock plus binds the user in the decision of what advertising you want. On an exception list, add domains, for the adblock plus is disabled. Advertising can be so on websites allow to their financing support. In addition to simple exception lists can also be complex own filter lists to create the filter spelling of adblock plus must conform to. In addition, predefined lists, select, disable, and remove what is easily by mouse click to execute it.

In addition, advertising is not only annoying, but also dangerous. Automatic redirects to wap pages for subscription have for users serious consequences, if you do it through a mobile device to enter. Because here you can very easily make a subscription contract by an inadvertent screen touch to be completed. Wap pages to tell the provider the number of the sim card that it uses, to use wap billing, the money on the mobile operator. The latter finally pulls the money on the phone bill of the sim card owner. Protection offers only a third party barrier, each with their mobile provider may apply.

Advertising is after the installation of adblock plus only displayed, if the filter happens. This must be either by the user specifically permits have been, or on the whitelist of adblock plus. A lot of companies on this whitelist, you have to eyeo, the makers of adblock plus, a portion of their revenue from advertising. This is but only unobtrusive advertising is allowed and intrusive advertising, with animations and flash banners are prohibited. To the paying companies include amazon, google, microsoft, and united internet, their web sites into the filter list for unobtrusive advertising.

Those who like them in the options of adblock plus to view. This is under the tab filter lists the link open list button, after some allow non intrusive advertising is placed. Also builds adblock plus its position in the market and could be the ad blocker adblock and crystal for the adoption of his whitelist to win. It was at the instigation of the adblock agreed that the criteria for unobtrusive advertising by an independent body should be developed, so that the influence of the advertisers of eyeo not be too large.

But not every company like google is willing to pay to be on the whitelist to come. Some complaints dear – such as the axel springer group against adblock plus or deny users access to your web service, if you have an adblocker installed. So went after the group axel springer in front of the district court of cologne against adblock plus subject. Now enters one is no longer on the website if an adblocker in their browser is active, but to an info page, indicating that the service is on advertising revenue to finance is dependent and the article only, without ad blocker can be read.

Adblock plus as a browser extension to install and is available for many browsers such as firefox, google chrome, opera, safari, microsoft, edge, internet explorer and yandex browser available. For smartphones and tablets with android, there is also the adblock browser as an app. In addition, here is for chrome and firefox adblock plus add on installed to while surfing the internet from intrusive advertising to protect.

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You can free download Adblock Plus latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

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