Features of TCP Optimizer

The one gets internet is for some users a rather lame affair. A possible cause incorrect settings of the communication parameters in the windows registry. About the mtu value, the maximum data package size determines, or the rwin value, that the maximum amount of data that a server sends, before a receipt is obtained. But who knows, what is it with these values, and especially what the best values are? This proves to be the sg tcp optimizer as a specialist and helps you to mouse click when you make the optimum settings.

On the basis of the used connection speed, so dsl 6000 or dsl 16,000, the small helpers the ideal values, which you can simply clicking the mouse in the registry. Professionals also can set all the values manually and, in addition, a test to determine the correct mtu value or the latency (delay). To be fair, one should say that the program is no miracle to expect. If your computer is already optimal or very good is set, the program can, of course, no or only a marginal improvement to make a difference. Similarly, if a poor performance other reasons. But can damage the software and is in any case worth a try.

Screenshot tcp optimizer

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