Features of Skype for business

Microsoft says goodbye to his business nmessenger lync and starts skype for business officially. Lync was never as well known as the 2011 microsoft for 8.5 billion dollars swallowed messenger skype. Industry experts had therefore already expected for a long time that you can lync with skype will be replaced. In november 2014, had the group in a blog post the launch of skype in front of business for 2015 announced. In march 2015, could user a first preview of the preview the program try. Now microsoft has the service officially started.

First come users of office 2013 on the new software: skype for business is part of the april updates. In office 365, the migration by the end of may 2015 to be completed. Business customers, so far, lync, according to microsoft is only a software update. Existing lync contacts are to be maintained and the contacts of the previous skype version, the user flow, in addition, in the corporate version.

For companies that have lync used is there a tutorial to make the transition directly from the developers. As microsoft is already in autumn 2014 announced, contains skype for business still elements of lync. Visually, the program to skype. Symbols and features of the popular software and the use is easier. With lync, it took at least three clicks to call someone at skype with a single.

Screenshot skype for business

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License:Free version
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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