Features of Safari

If you have a little apple flair on the pc want to enjoy, or more frequently between a mac and a pc switch is safari is the right browser for you.

The most important security features of safari is the option private browsing, about which they move around the internet without leaving any traces on the computer to leave; pages visited and cookies are not stored. Annoying advertising pop ups can if they so desire, and phishing sites or sites with malware warning.

Of surface finish are two features. On top sites can be a frequently visited web pages in the form of mini images. This overview of 6, 12 or 20 pages will be created automatically when you for a while surfed the internet. Practical: the overview can also be used as home use. Your own pages you can in this overview to integrate. If they are optical gadgets like, the function of cover flow love. As the ipod or iphone owner, you know this already for the display of album art from itunes. In safari is this the gimmick used, visited web pages or bookmarks as in an image gallery to scroll through the display.

Go to a website with text, recognizes the safari and shows in the browser address bar, the button reader. Click on it, it filters the apple browser all the ingredients out, not to the text belong to such as advertising, images, and navigation. The background darkens safari this should improve readability. In readermode, zoom in and zoom out the text, print it out or send it by e mail.

it offers safari, the obligatory tabbed browsing for access to multiple open web pages via tab. Drag a tab out of the window, it opens in a new browser window. Also bookmarks are a simple mouse click will be created. In the reading list you collect interesting links to web pages, which you can later at any time in peace to retrieve and read. Problems such as escalating bookmark collections or to many parallel open tabs, go so elegant out of the way. Pdf documents shows apple's browser on request, directly in the web page, so that no change in an additional window of the reading is disturbing. Total is safari a visually brilliant, fast browser, especially the walkers between the worlds to recommend is the mac feeling on the pc.

Screenshot safari

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License:Free version
Developer:Apple Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • notebook, computer, pc, laptop