Features of RoboForm

No matter whether you order something, a forum to join, register software or information material sent to you without the type of personal data, and deciding on a secure password is nothing. For security reasons, this is understandable, but can sometimes be quite annoying. Here comes roboform into the game. The program combines the convenience of data entry with a high level of data security. Use the internet explorer, firefox, chrome, or opera, your browser with a toolbar provided you all the necessary fill work taxes. The data in roboform record, with one of the five best algorithms like aes or 3des encrypted. Put the software only on your pc, it is sufficient that the data on your computer secure. If you want the features of roboform on the other hand the world on any computer and portable devices such as iphone, blackberry, or ipad, there is a possibility that this on line service everywhere to synchronize. So grab you on the go with a free app from your iphone to your stored credentials.

The main task of the roboform is it, classic combinations of user name and password for your various online accounts to save. For example, tap on the facebook home page name and password, ensures roboform the information under a freely selectable keyword. If you want to again their facebook page, it is sufficient, the stored link from the menu to select; will facebook loaded, and a login is performed. The whole works not only in your browser. Also in the case of software, the access information needed, you can use roboform to get admission. Thus, an automatic access by third parties can be misused, when starting the program for the master password to be queried, or a fingerprint reader is used. The other logs are roboform in windows, switching users, when you turn on the screen saver or after a set period of time.

Roboform also facilitates the handling of the classic web forms. Often needed data such as name, surname, date of birth, phone number, location or e mail address and even bank and credit card information can as if by magic to enter. To do this, set one or more identities for each of them their own record. In addition, information such as id, bank account or address can also be individual fields defined. In your browser, open a page on which you fill in a form (for example, a purchase order), you can use data from a chosen identity with the click of a mouse. Is completed roboform among other things, by the function safenotes, with any sensitive data such as pin codes of debit cards or combination safe to store and yet always to hand. And if you should once not a secure password think of, you can access the built in password generator back.

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You can free download RoboForm latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Siber Systems, Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, laptop, pc, notebook