Features of Hamachi

Together with friends via the internet multiplayer play games, exchange data, or on the road using your ipad on the own computer access all this make virtual private networks (vpn) possible. The right software is logmein hamachi, by the simple establishment of a rather complex process impressed. You only need to register for your own network a name and a password to create done! For the safety of their internet connections provides a 256 bit ssl encryption. You can also on demand backups of storage media managed to create.

By using vpn, network printers, gaming consoles, cameras and much more. The logmein hamachigateway allows users a direct access to your network. So you can share files or chat. The access itself can be time limit. The client software for windows or mac, send the new users as well by simply using a link to how the actual access authorization. With logmein hamachi is also the remote control of machines possible. That is, you operate your computer on the road as if you are at home and sit in front of would.

For all of these functions, you need not even the router or firewall settings on your computer to change. Specifically for smartphones or tablets, there are free ios and android apps ready, also the remote access allow. Logmein hamachi is, according to the subscription principle, distributed. For the use of the gateways, you pay an annual contribution, according to the number of parallel networks.

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You can free download Hamachi latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:LogMeIn, Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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