Features of DC

With the free and open source crococryptfile can be from any files or folders, encrypted archive create. All information will be protected in such a way that without entering the password does not reveal the contents of the encrypted files can be drawn.

After the start, simply select files or directories to a new encrypted archive to be added. This is with the file extension.croco on the hard disk.

For the encryption can currently two different procedures can be selected: in password based encryption of data using aes 256 protected, in later versions, but additional encryption algorithms added. Already now it can be also an encryption by the use of the windows keystores, provided this use x. 509 certificates with rsa keys.

During the installation, associates itself crococryptfile with the program's extension, what is the simplified open encrypted archive. In addition, the software an entry in the context menu of windows, which files and directories to a right click quickly and easily be encrypted. Alternatively, on development sites but also a version available without installation of the shell. There is also an offshoot for linux and mac systems.

Files sure protect in its mode of operation is similar to crococryptfile at first glance, the create a password protected file archive, as one it for example with winzip or 7 zip can do, however, here the protection is much stronger. The content of the archive remains namely completely concealed information, such as file names, sizes, time stamps or file sizes are not visible. With crococryptmirror developer offers frank in addition, a program for mirroring of directories in the encrypted container.

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You can free download DC latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Jacek Sieka
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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