Features of Avant Browser

The ie opera clones avant browser is fast, resource efficient and convenient to use. Thanks to the tabtechnique to open it with the free browser multiple sites at the same time, and close with a click, for example, all the window to the right or to the left of the current tab. An advantage compared to most tabbed browsers is that the avant browser open pages to desire each other or side by side displays. So surf also optically in parallel in multiple windows. If you want to be shown web pages in variable time intervals are updated. The browser also attaches great importance to easy handling. So enter often frequented websites via freely definable shortcuts, for example c if the computer image web page. A notable extension is the so called mouse gestures. Drag the mouse while holding down the mouse button, an assigned action will be executed, such as the scroll back to the previous website.

The avant browser features a pop up blocker, you from annoying popup windows protects. The in addition existing advertising banner blocker, you can also make your own filters add. With just a few clicks you define in addition, what elements of a page, the browser should display. Without detours via the menu to prevent it so that images, flash animation or active x elements. This will improve you about bad internet connections, the speed of work. By mouse click you can delete typed addresses, cookies, history folder or used the search terms and ensure your privacy. If desired, these tracks automatically when you exit the program, remove. In order to prevent any data stored on your computer, there is the private mode available.

A special feature of the avant browser is the equipment with the three web engines trident, gecko and webkit. These are for the graphical implementation of the html commands responsible. The same engines in firefox, chrome and internet explorer. So check for example, how your own web page in these three major browsers is displayed. Other cornerstones of the avant browser: easy download of videos, built in download accelerator, storing web pages as graphics and online bookmarks, on the you from any avant browser have access to your personal bookmarks.

Screenshot avant browser

You can free download Avant Browser latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Avant Force.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • laptop, computer, notebook, pc