Features of Windows Live Mail

Under the name windows live mail, microsoft offers a free mail program that is visually and functionally the big brother outlook is based. With the free client wrap you comfortably to your entire e mail traffic. Accounts with all major providers such as gmx, google or yahoo can be easily integrated.

The mail editor has all the important tools for engaging text, including spell checking and a quick selection of emoticons ( smileys ). You can set individual signatures, and automatically in your e mails and business cards paste. Particularly clever is the so called photo e mail. Here are pictures to save space as small thumbnails in the mail is inserted. The high resolution originals, in contrast, creates windows live mail on microsoft's free online hard disk skydrive. There, the receiver can you use a link to a slide show view or individual photos on his computer to load.

So the overview of your electronic mail to keep messages on the basis of individual rules in specific folders. So land about your ebay messages automatically in an own subdirectory. In addition to their manage e mails with live mail, the subscribed rss feeds as well as messages from newsgroups. Annoying, advertising and phishing e mails defends a junk mail filter, a large portion of the incoming spam reliably clears. The protection can be through your own entries to add, to messages from unwanted senders to block. Another aspect of safety is the option, digital ids and e mail encryption to use.

In a simple address book keep your contacts with e mail, live messenger identifier, phone number, and address. Like the big brother outlook has windows live mail on a scheduler. In the clear day, week and month views you define are in addition to one time scheduling of periodic activities, for example, the weekly bowling night.

This download package contains, in addition to windows live mail 2012 the all other programs windows essentials 2012. The components that you do not need, during the install deselect.

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License:Free version
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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