Features of Outlook

Outlook from microsoft is the market leader in the field of mail and terminsoftware. The only prerequisite for use is a microsoft account, you are free to set up. The web app solves the existing mail services like hotmail and overcome even a high volume of e mail. For visibility filters and rules to incoming messages in subfolders to move or as a junk mail label. Another criterion that are user definable categories such as newsletters or invoices.

You are able to manage in addition to the automatically installed microsoft account e mail for other pop3 providers such as gmx or gmail. To do this, there are seven gigabytes of online storage. Also with windows phones, tablets, ipad or iphone and use free apps on your messages. The mail editor provides you with simple formatting tools such as variable fonts and font colors, text alignment and bullets, as well as a variety of emoticons. You can also signatures or automatic out of office messages to use. A full text search, junk mail filter, a direct facebook connection, as well as the possibility of mails from imap accounts to import, complete the e mail client.

Like the big desktop brother, Outlook has the web output modules for contacts and appointments. The address book provides space for communication data such as postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, as well as for information from social networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google. With the skype plugin, you can even have video chats. The calendar recorded dates and tasks, both one time as well as recurring activities (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). In addition to text description, the date and time are input for the duration, alarm time and priority provided. For the visibility agenda, day, week and month overview, as well as the use of parallel calendar. These can be with colleagues or friends be shared and edited as long as they have a microsoft account. Without a microsoft account can be used as links sent out schedules at least view.

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License:Free version
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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