Features of HTC Home

With htc home, you can of the htc smartphones known sense widget with clock and weather information on the desktop of your pc.

With htc home, you have the possibility of the htc smartphones known clocks widget on your windows desktop. The widget has exactly the same stylish look as the smartphones and by default, displays a clock as well as the weather conditions and a weather forecast on the desktop of your pc.

You can also extras such as the display of weather reports, wind speed, humidity, and feels like temperature as well as news via rss and even activities of friends on social networks, extensions to be added. In addition, the tools, the ability to display a slideshow of your own photos on the desktop, too. The for htc home available additional functions are available, as well as the widget itself on the home page of htchome for free download.

After you have htc home installed on your computer and have started, you just need to enter your location, and show you the widget time and weather information. About the options of htc home you have the option of a whole range of different styles to select and set what the widget should display. Can also have the options of different resources to be selected. These include, for example, different for the information of the weather display selectable weather provider. This must, however, initially also as tools to be retrofitted.

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You can free download HTC Home latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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