Features of FreeMind

Projects of any kind should be thoroughly planned. A possibility all of the tasks when building a house, performing a club solid or in the conception of a marketing strategy to capture, is the so called mind mapping. Here are all of the issues to be considered and information in the form of a tree diagram related to each other. The free program freemind to help you, such mind maps on the computer to create.

Step by step record individual transactions as they go through the head. With lines, set the dependencies and hierarchies. Drag and drop items at any time to another set to move or copy. Even in multi layered maps the view to keep that set to freemind, various colors, hide the sub nodes in and out, or mark the node by means of dozens of graphic symbols such as numbers, smiley faces or colored flags. Furthermore, you can graphics must be embedded or with external or internal links to work.

A node in need of extensive texts to you via a text editor and type with all the usual font and paragraph formatting to make. It is also a spell checker available. Type in a node address, you can view it on a map. In networks with friends and colleagues is password protected work on a project. Is completed the software with useful features, such as search and filter functions, as well as through the export of projects as an html or flash file, java applet, openoffice text, jpeg image or pdf document.

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You can free download FreeMind latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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