Features of Zattoo

To on the computer, watch tv, needs this is usually a tv outlet including the tv card. Thanks to the free swiss streaming service zattoo is enough internet: rather than online offered canned program from the media libraries of tv stations to retrieve, get with zattoo the current live programme of over 70 tv stations on the screen. It is almost exclusively to german tv stations. You can use all public broadcasters ard and zdf to 3sat and arte, including the third party programs and digital channels like einsplus, or zdfneo receive.

Prerequisite for the use of the zattoo is that you register online. Your account is valid also for devices such as xbox, tablet, ipad, iphone, or other smartphones. Corresponding apps are available in the respective app stores available for free. Practically, it is not only central access to the transmitter, but also the built in program guide. Similar to a tv magazine, you will here in a tabular form the current tv program of supported channels will be displayed. You can see what is currently running or what you have in the next few days is expected. Too many shipments, there is also additional information, such as a summary. Thanks to picture in picture track with zattoo two transmitters in parallel.

Bought is the free tv program by advertising before each senderstart is displayed. They annoy the commercials or do you want to in addition to the prosiebensat1 channel family, as well as on rtl channel access, you can click zattoo hiq upgrade. This paid subscription close for a one day, monthly, three month or annual usage. In addition, you can enjoy 23 channels in hd quality. More subscriptions there are for special interest channels such as auto motor sport, mirror tv or rock tv, as well as turkish, bosnian, croatian, and polish channels.

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You can free download Zattoo latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Zattoo Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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