Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger
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Features of Windows Live Messenger

Do you want to with your friends and business partners all over the world without great expense and without additional cost, in real time, chat, exchange messages and even make phone calls? If yes, is the windows live messenger from microsoft with its extensive range of functions is just right for you.

The windows live messenger from microsoft is the all rounder among instant messaging applications and offers a range of functions, with the most competitive products cannot match. In addition to the usual function of the chattens in real time, which is also available in combination with a webcam can use, it makes you the messenger easy, with your friends from all over the world to stay in touch. So you can also easily messages to well known send on the road, and a cell phone or other mobile devices use. It is also possible, and voice messages to your contacts in yahoo!messenger to send or even free pc to pc to phone calls.

Also video conferencing in full screen with the windows live messenger with a few clicks of the mouse, even for beginners easy to perform. With the extensive address book that is automatically updated, if one of your friends his / her contact details changes, they are always up to date and all this without any additional effort and cost.

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License:Free version
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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