Features of MyPhoneExplorer

Who address book and calendar, not only on the mobile phone with the android wants to use, it must be linked with a program like myphoneexplorer to sync to all devices on the same up to date. Finally, it would be bad if you are at home on windows pc, a customer's address is collected and made an appointment, just to be on the road to determine that this data is not on the mobile device are – especially then, when you address, and date not more in the head.

Addresses and calendar to sync the myphoneexplorer does the sync between sony ericsson devices as well as android smartphones and windows pcs whether through wi fi, bluetooth or usb cable. The software resembles the address book and calendar information, among others with microsoft outlook, thunderbird, gmail, seamonkey, and lotus notes. Important information from text messages will not be lost, is the import and export of sms is possible. This may be the myphoneexplorer also with longer sms to deal.

To back up files and views with myphoneexplorer is not only the synchronization of contacts and appointments possible, a photo synchronization is present. The data transfer uses the software, each controller provides cache. Thereby, the tool saves data to unnecessary data transmission to avoid. This is also when you minimize the volume of consumption when helpful, if a cellular connection is used. The myphoneexplorer client does not only assume the photo synchronization but also allows access to the local data. In addition, there are a backup wizard, with the myphoneexplorer a full backup.

Not only for dubs the myphoneexplorer brings, in addition to synchronization and backuptools also other functions. So, the software provides the clock to the atomic clock, and allows calls on the pc to withdraw, to keep and to finish. Call records, memory status, gsm control is and profile settings also belong to the scope of the myphoneexplorer.

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You can free download MyPhoneExplorer latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

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