Features of LG PC Suite

The lg pc suite makes when you back up and synchronize data between lg mobile phones and the windows machine useful. Via usb data cable or bluetooth connects to the freeware pc and phone and then discards a close eye on the data.

Owners of lg mobile phones, according to a software search to your phone, connect to the machine, arrive at the destination. With the lg pc suite download can easily make a connection between the pc and the smartphone to be manufactured to any and all data and content from one convenient, back and forth. Owners of other models or operating systems, here you can find a suitable communication software for the exchange of data. The freeware for lg mobile phones not only allows for the synchronization of emails and text messages, but also media files. Users can, therefore, photos, videos and music easily on the pc hard disk to move there and manage.

After the free download of lg pc suite starts the user with a double click first.exe file. Following the quick and uncomplicated installation the program starts automatically. Now we just need the phone to be connected to the pc to synchronize. There are two variants. The user can either via usb cable or via a wireless bluetooth connection between your phone and computer connect to. If you are in the installation and integration is uncertain, takes place in the suite wizard, a helpful partner.

At this point, the installation should actually be completed. The manufacturer may, however, require a registration on their website. Who here does not enter, is not authorized, the freeware to use.

The lg pc suite download automatically has a useful application called on screen phone on board. This ensures that the mobile screen comfortable – and above all in real time on the pc display. This makes the operation extremely pleasant and facilitates the synchronization enormous. The backup module of the suite ensures in addition to emails, sms and media files, other important data on the pc hard disk. Thus, it proves to be extremely convenient that the sync tool, appointments, contacts, and notes between computer and smartphone compares and so the user plenty of annoying and error prone work of typing spared.

Especially handy for laptop users: a function, which the modem of the mobile phone for internet access uses. Who is an appropriate flatrate booked, so is traveling with the worldwide data network. Useful program for data backup for lg mobile phones because the program is clever synchronization. Backup module and modem is linked up this freeware for lg owners, definitely recommended. The only bitter taste is the need for registration on the website of the manufacturer. Note: the link in the download section leads the way to a website of the provider. There is supposed to be one of his own model of smartphone to choose, and then receives the suite to download and install.

Screenshot lg pc suite

You can free download LG PC Suite latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:LG Electronics.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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