Features of Google Play Store

The range of games, tools, or applications for android devices is the quantity of the iphone and ipad world. All the important apps from the whatsapp messenger on the navigation system navigon to cult games such as plants vs. Zombies or the simpsons are also for the android smartphone to have. For you to be in the hundreds of thousands of apps an overview of all the important new releases and top selling products can give you offers the free platform google play store.

The successor to the android market is in effect, the counterpart to apple's app store, and works according to a similar pattern. Of lists of new releases, download charts, or themes download carefully apps, music, videos or books from the store and use this content on your android device. Of course, you can also directly search for content. Detailed information, reviews of other users or preview clips to help you in estimating products. For paid services, such as current movies or best selling book, is all you need for payment, however a credit card. Is announced that you will soon be like in other countries already common practice, also, prepaid cards can use.

Screenshot google play store

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License:Free version
Developer:Google Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • laptop, computer, pc, notebook