Features of ZenMate

Erase your surf traces beyond recognition which in theory is possible, turns out to be in practice as a party pooper. The surfing speed is greatly reduced and many web contents are not displayed at all. Zenmate wants the golden mean between anonymous surfing and because of this loss of speed.

Surf anonymously thanks to a combination of vpn encryption. With the free plugin for chrome, you surf, thanks to the vpn connection is anonymous on the net. Zenmate redirects your traffic through foreign servers, and makes traceability very difficult. You have the choice between the server locations in hong kong, germany, switzerland, the uk and the usa. One mouse click is enough and already flows in your chrome traffic about the server in zurich, switzerland. The redirection is zenmate but not safe enough, so will your traffic through 256 bit aes algorithm encrypted. Websites do not need an ssl protocol, in order from the data encryption to benefit.

With zenmate you can surf anonymously and without traffic limit. Many of our competitors protect your privacy only up to a certain data limit. Once this limit has arrived, you must either pay or wait. The plugin is integrated after installation in google chrome. In addition to the menu button you will find a shield icon over the all the necessary settings. Despite the english language is the tool easy to use: you can switch quickly between the servers and can zenmate if necessary, the bottom right off. Nice side effect: the vpn connection will bypass the country lock from youtube videos and makes you visible again.

However, only the browser is supported, which on the basis of the chromium open source browser project run. This includes, in addition to google chrome srware iron, maxthon and the latest opera browser. However, neither your email client still a messenger, like icq or skype something of zenmate. As little data of firefox or internet explorer that are hidden. Also, after the installation of a free registration with the manufacturer is necessary. Because the chrome plugin anonymous surfing is possible, the pressure on your surfing speed, including some. We recommend zenmate only to use if you have sensitive data in the browser, handling and / or little traffic is flowing through the pipes.

Zenmate on the chrome traffic specialized. But if you are also on firefox and internet explorer, anonymous surfing want, can you on free hide ip to fall back on. The entire data of your computer will then be on an american server, is redirected. If you have a fully automated tool looking for could okay freedom meet your expectations. Here you will be from a 500 mb data limit is limited, but have nothing to configure. There are also many other useful and mostly free programs, for surfing anonymously.

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You can free download ZenMate latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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