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Streaming service netflix put only recently in a comprehensive financial report open, from which also the development of the number of users is shown. Positive for the expanding us company: the world's strong customer rush abroad gave netflix 3,62 million new customers and exceeded expectations. There are now 69 million users of the service, until the end of the year wants to be netflix, the 70 million mark crack. Within the usa, it does not look so rosy: the growth stagnates. In the third quarter, the number of subscribers to 880.000 and stay behind the forecast of 1.15 million back. Accordingly, the reaction of investors: the stock plunged by 7 per cent down.

Netflix in the test: the can the english version. Over 50 million movie and series fans, in more than 40 countries already have a subscription to the us video on demand provider netflix an impressive number that continues to grow: works as netflix hard on their own supply and the software to get media to consume. Computer picture summarizes everything netflix together and reveals to us what the service will cost you, and what the film and series content available.

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